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[CON6076] The Good Cop/Bad Cop Guide to Java 9 session subtitle

You’re 60 minutes but thank you.
And if you don’t like the presentation.
Very much like.
Yeah, it’s still a person.
I’ll say I said big turning up we love translate Java once exactly for the full room please please program session that will be also I will not, you know, that you also spoke in the guys told me. Yellow in the bed bugs don’t actually work. So.
You will release as they go few before but I think.
I think that it’s a fairly.
What is left two minutes left? So any questions. Any questions. Because a couple of people are starting to leave, let’s do not have work. So before there were a couple of people who are not excited by John 9 let’s try that again who’s excited about going that release.
Laughing little actually do the search for complete features, well pretty sure it does not, so, yeah. You can see you can pretty much search for whatever you want that it does a small search. So welcome to 3005 without one.
I’ll suck *** wrong side head type coming into that you can actually just pacifica peaceful future. For example, that you can just do up to seek up left.
Some teachers might be angry but that will save the best to last Html five yama docks, and it is reasonable you can type in now.
Orry mission libraries in relation did not make it look really good night, which is really great because we have plenty of third party information and you can choose whatever my country personally smart. I think that’s prayer.
Okay. So let’s jump ahead. Okay. So the final few things that will will talk about 82 18 18 82 is is an incubator project rather than being in in the full full game which is what i mentioned before. So I went to buy that for too long is your slide. I don’t know, why you picked this paycheck and said it’s a picture of Google storage angry keeps your and this was an easy course.
But we still super excited to live there for the API improvements.
With him this little line of the tri block if you can declare them somewhere above and then you some reference them into try with resources blocked and they will be closed automatically at the end of that try block so that. Means the cook much more readable, but it’s really hard to show him. So.
Yeah. If used trying with resources. This is fantastic. This is not the API increment language for the try with resources blocks. Now, you can use effective with final variables in the driver’s resources. So we don’t need to declare them.
In a gallon which opponents you can have private mess in the interface is so now we see the full methods it in private methods. You can actually put a lot of logic in your interfaces, which is amazingly great. And drug coupled other things.
An exception right now there is no type don’t know that there is no keyboard you work if I did just dude dude underscores just like Simon, I will have the name than the reasonable Vermeil’s typing friends sufficient enough and. Will do but you can easily keep works. So you going to keep your source code for the land of sports and then you can read that.
Unreasonable to type of thing like this what will happen if he click on her.
There’s exactly one method that sports act, but we can do that if you can find it. That’s recalled the single underscore is not supported. This is now.
Improvements my personal favorite is that now we can leave the property files in Utah 8.
You can get the arguments for any processes, you can get the process of representation in your Java code. So if you deal with some processes where if you need to check any ornaments. You can differentiate with within process is much easier. This is also cross platform which is fairly great. Because now everyone everything runs in doctor. So now we especially need that cross platform things.
In fall and get some arguments and he.
He can do this process management fairly easily. So you can get the current process. You can then execute some.
Process, hello.
Process handle if there is any class and you can do.
Taken three or whatever the version ends up being but with the process.
I should know this is just exactly like a four loop but now with you can generate a streams normally like, you would do because you have some conditions and from a sequence of value is a step back and it’s. Really interesting guy to play with some improvements for local digital timer. There are some improvements for the process handles the process process management is interesting because before it was so messy in Jonah number just show you that thing and then we’ll go to next time next things also concurrent improvements. Completely teacher got a couple of the methods the world’s racket classes in the flow. So we can get closer to the record programming median shady.
Proper lady would suggest me to do that.
It’s not a way around.
You think that was that it right method where you can do the property eration, and i will need to check the syntax on that. So you start with the start value than you do the increment step and then you specify condition and before july 9 it was quite clumsy to do that because the worst known each right method to do that. But now we can do that. If it’s less than 10 and then we preach with print them.
You see we dropped the first five elements also we can just take the number of elements in from the stream. It’s very useful. If you just need five elements but not the five elements, but you need to take the vents until some condition is met. For example, you want to skip the duplicates events or something. So the stream a guy was enhanced as well. One thing I like that. It’s actually, it’s the type wall. So, for example, if you actually had an infinite stream want to continue running running you might say I’m going to take while while some other condition is met and then when something once on video, it’s true. Then you stop by infinistream they all need to kill a process to kill those traits. That’s quite a distance from.
Reach will ranks this element.
An ex 6 more than five and then after that we will.
I’m very rarely, I’m a bad hot. So the right couple of things on the stream ties with it did take it in stream. And if I will type that correctly, and then we’ll do a range from one to 10 now we have the methods to trouble amounts while and take while which are pretty interesting. They also present in all other stream conditions on now will have them built in the jig is one, so say we can drop the elements until a certain condition is matter.
Play optimistic person.
I love the way you love the way it took about four times to do that because you actually smiley instead of a court.
You can never know if it works not, why you because we’re in jail.
Okay, hopes works.
Yes tax, and if it’s not then we just have a supplier and we do print.
You start speaking.
I think we need this side effect here.
And it takes two functions soldiers present, then we have a function and we do.
Or else.
Sleep we had the method called present which would take a function which will evaluate only the evaluating awful is present. Now we can have the method that takes two arguments in it called it is called if present.
Do you want?
What is it?
Evaluate the function that provided if I do just the normal thing optional one, and it will do the map immediately here I will get the results immediately. So if you have a functions you might go mapping the functions which are expensive performance, wise any don’t may need really need to be about the merely your can always convert an optional stream very easily, and other people saying. That is present in the optional.
What will I get back we’ll get four will like it then optional 4 1 2 my masses terminal no? In fact, I will since stream is lazy by default. Now, if I convert optionally to stream. I will get the lateness of the stream in my optional, so that I will get the reference my plan will need to terminal operation to actually.
Apply a function when I get sick ax times two.
27 and i do a map function here. So I haven’t.
Swimming like, Nasa’s formatting functions or the values within the control panel container. It’s very important. So that right do this 27.
And I get to stream implication while it seems like a reasonable thing to do because in optional provides.
And then you remembered if you’re still in class fast and everything is rank. So besides that there a couple of things that. So in German 8 we got the stream ati and got optional some java and those are really great. And then in German 9 3 couple of improvements one of my hair it is a stream method on the optional. So what I can do now is optional off say one and I can do a stream of it.
If you don’t get more to let, you know, seeing you actually seem which module that came from which is kind of nice interesting thing to know about one here.
Smart. So in fact, I won’t get any new information that was just add it in the German 9 and it’s an immutable list of one element and one of the things is those implementations are fairly heavily optimized though that for example. Stores the element in the field. So we pass it but it doesn’t need to do that in the rate access. So we just read the element directly because it’s mytable inclination one element and so on, if you have any subduing limits. It’s also Hella way up to my eyes and there are collection of elements and further. So those collection literals will make it quick more readable, and it’s going to be absolutely great. Tutti soaps other interesting thing actually when you call that get close. But if you just grab that again of that get close you can actually do a dot, I think it is again module.
Few people who think I’ll get the link list.
A simplified the syntax also during for things big implementations of those classes are a 13 percent. So if I do this and you get the class what is it called again, who thinks I will get them the realist.
Implementation of the listen interface over you can do is set up and you just type off and you do the elements and you have a set you can also do a map where you will just provide the key and entry. Values in the robe and it will create a map that to you the good thing about this is while.
Just getting in the collection liros there. I think that’s because we’re talking about Java. So this thing it was again. Do you can talk about you can create the list of elements or a set of holiness in a single line of code and you populate that had it is a fully functional.
It’s not my machine. So my typing will be little bit slow. But we’ll manage if we run out of time please just tell me that we need to cover up things because the remaining media improvements in China right now. And we will not go through all of them. I’m showing you a couple of that I like the most war, I think there are mostly fluent influential. Maybe we’ll see how much will kind of do. So one thing that we wanted from Java 40 years and everyone thought that you speak absolutely great to have that work collection literals. So we don’t need to create the newer relate list. And then the subsequent statements publicly that was the data. Now we have those collections leaders in Java I fear.
This 50 50 make updates a week already about updates we gonna both be good cop free updates cause the api updates always pretty awesome job developers. So you gonna do *** it, right here and also have a little worse. Obviously, I’m going to show you the new economy using the situation hope. I don’t take that vote now.
And then draw and I think.
Stands out when you see.
All right.
Okay. Okay, here gives us a proper ideam hasn’t done Java development team to be on your emacs 40 just and then it will more i need support some sort of evaluation of expressions works scratch pad to something and the you know. That they will almost never touch the judicial at real job except for testing expo something.
Please Jay Cell is an interesting tool you use it to test out Apis and things without having to split up the whole browser in browser idea. There’s a whole bunch of extra things who likes the idea of just coding quick.
Special is it is a given all other languages have that now Java has as well.
So, yeah, I.
Kids commands within the context of that process eat as far as I know currently cannot do that. He can embed ratio and greatly to console in your app, but you have to think about that before hand and if you think about that before hand doesn’t count.
No reason you can presentation situation, but it just takes a little bit more typing. So while it’s a great thing it feels a little bit gimmicky. Personally, I would love to see the future where you can connect your gee shelter running qadian process Java process.
A man and usually pretty meeting at the same time, it’s really hard to imagine that usual would change the way we develop software. It’s pretty hard to type in a significantly large program interesting was shown there is a reason why Simon show you how to create an annotation.
Joe is gonna change it we help people learn Java until people get into the using Java especially the small humans.
System out print stuff things like that. One thing I will say which is absolutely also and it’s better marks in remote 6 on say it all set so much in him. She said it before hide composed in really great videos at state minutes longer. So I want you did was she created a script with a with a hatchback and passing it shell and you can never scripts and with some Java code and by doing that you catch me execute Jay Shell as if you. Were like a basket or something like that. If frozen exceptional benefit still does that maybe frozen section but you can ignore that I’m just going to run Java like a script how calls that but that’s joke shop brilliant brilliant, and it’s used for A.. Bad cop we.
Hello? Hello.
If you if you talk to a cell and you just like printing something that was very, very nice, that we get but my key and that will actually does is it per type look at the methods of provide with A. Whole list of print. So I can then type abstract type print.
There we go.
Text file and now is run everything. So you saw that one second better late than you saw the integration of everything that you see how well that’s Jay Soldiers pretty awesome. One other thing actually if I slashed exit. This is only use about Caroline here depending on how happy are feeling at the time you can exit in two different ways. You can either commande if you’re feeling like I don’t really want anyone to talk to you if you think of it down if you think down you need some need a hug touch like sex and it’s goodbye.
Yeah, I’ll things like you can check what’s imported other things if I wanted to I can just type a list and I can see everything that I’ve typed in two Janie Kay, I can also type to slash. History and I get everything outside when it’s in the Johnny Cake or to the console itself, and i wanted to I can save that as come-ons, I can slash research which resets my states are fine art type slash. Feel I get nothing but what I can do is I can open come on to this she just saving it as a.
We get holly. Well, so I can do that we can also add classes and things like I wanted to work. So I could just so I can say a class by we got close. I could say interface conserved face big we can interface I can type slash team we got type. So, it’s pretty much just know busing using a rep who used to wrap up before fraught with other languages just get this great. We can use with them as I think Java Revel dot com was what we could use previously but this is nicely collected straight into the Johnny Cake.
And from him, I can say hello world, I can say except that you’ll notice that that’s actually updated. Now I can exit I can execute that Paula. Jeez for making that I.
Say, hello. And we get some amazing 1970 window pop up.
It’s a hotel I checked it out.
Hello. At this point cause I’m doing multi lines it obviously needs a obviously into semi colon. So when I do that we now have a method. So I can type slash 10 and we get a better. I can slash editor.
I’m done here I can just do something like system out of print print, then.
If I do a public voice. I love low.
Catch how cool is that.
Yeah, I swear threat to sleep.
Let me kind of week we can coach other without semi colon tell kids that it’s amazing. That’s what the word but nothing else went away for just a movie.
Tell me what’s missing there. Let me just put that at the top was missing there.
And that gives me that you speak the variables that we’ve got a if I wanted to do something interesting like system.
It was three and you get five. So now it’s double up the school that how cool is pretty that you’ve left out in force i types last fee.
Right. So that means what console here. I’m in a console I can talk to Jay Dickey, I can talk to other shell if I wanted to talk to Johnny Cake. I just put something as simple as one plus two and I guess me three if I wanted to talk to the shell spinning slash as soon as I put a slash on the talking to Jenny case, we have a number. Of things I can do. So one of the other thing I’ll mention there is when I put one plus two. I didn’t actually assign it to a variable. So what is actually done decided to a variable forming the dollar one if I wanted to do something similar like int ex equally notable underscore upper double underscores Icab double underscore equals two plus three ships two plus three. I know. It’s not right now just walked in that’s why did that.
Usually not going to repel it’s a rabble. So I just talked a shell that puts me to really nice condos. That is not readable for back.
Translator we got redevelopment look let’s just meet with them.
Really love program close.
You can leave you guys cook up it, right? So you sell a cell is a replica stands for?
As a gimmick.
Okay, let’s stop.
Glasses, I’m good copy.
Right? Okay.
But even, okay, right. Next one if you know, I’m not would you do that shell everyone loves to show.
Believes it is a good it leaves it is a really good thing.
It would be no different in Eastern Europe.
Okay, this might be close though.
Tested in supported in China case 7 that was before my five year old son was born officially the default you see in jenny canine who cares you can use it anytime you wanted before jackie canine just with this switch and if. You are using a specific gee see in your jovian arguments can affect you because you’re going to continue to use that in Tianjin Canine. So gee one gessi a good thing, probably is it gives you choice is a good enjoy conjecture canine when it’s getting Jenny Canine is a good it is 8 7 and 6 it’s always been there pretty much so that’s why. Argument as to why do you want easy isn’t a big deal in any canine remain as a result. It’s not a big deal in Janie Kay 9.
So to summarize that you get the faster memory management. We spear application tricks. Is she want to see a good thing. Well, some forms experts say, yes, something textbooks. So, ultimately it really depends on your application, you need to test it with your application. But the question is gee one gessi exciting Indian Java 9 well let me actually go back to a couple of things this was introduced in chinese came 6 hours before my five year old son was born.
I think the next thing is yours.
Yeah. This is how it came to us, it was introducing gdp 6 it was tested so it’s a very much your technology. You could have used at least work very many companies try that tested that don’t different work clothes and it works beautifully and now it is getting through all of us in jail ignites when you run your applications on online. They will probably run a little bit faster in terms of having smaller garbage collection process in the US trade off some throughput maximal stupid because the government you want to see will run concurrently with the application. So not the full resources for hardware will be available to you but for most applications especially for applications where the latency is important. This is a very great pain.
Do you want to see is pretty amazing in?
In a normal conversation we can stop at that.
And this is all garbage collection tuning that is required for which do you want to see, well, there were force more to that but.
Removed all the time. But the main benefit of that is that the garbage collection can decide how many of those small regions, it can collect at any given moment and through that it can control what is your work coverage collection thoughts was that he. Can do this is a things first key the latest in the garbage collection goes down second you can adapt if Lee control data. So you don’t have to have a stretch sheet of gave him options to Kenya garbage collection. In fact teaching your garbage collection. Now, what you want to do you want to just say this is my requirements for the conversation flows this. And this is my record how much space I can sacrifice to achieve that.
So now she want to see this concept is pushed into not to the extreme but much further what do you want to see that it splits your keep into very small regions, and then the only allocated and objects are. Located in them randomly you still have the type sold in some of them will be young objects in some of them will be although tricks.
Michael Speak probably will survive more. So it doesn’t make sense to collect the memory from the cold space. But it’s better to sleep that into different regions. And then you can perform smaller numbers collections and safe time on that. So delete and see if single garbage collection cycle, Google down.
What else? Let’s talk about the future. So let’s look at the garbage collection between because this is something that does make some a great and from the beginning of the times we had to manage memory, and we all use application resource the hardware resource in. Memory as it is infinite and it is absolutely perfect, so what comes in John 9 it comes a new default garbage collectors called do you want to see if you think of the java keep john memory you probably think of a. Picture something like this. You have the heap just separated in different regions the reserve even space where the new objects are located and then when they leave long enough if their survivors begin promoted to the care of space. And then they become the old generation the hypothesis is here is very simple although tricks that already survived the couple of Jesus.
How are you?
But that is the answer is no further though. Let’s start all I would not want right.
But that’s not that’s not the question.
I think that.
The German I release and migration will not be easy.
There we go.
It takes that much about the save the Java language and is has actually made the Java language most stable for the future who believes that much loud. He is a good thing it job 9.
Who thinks?
So much market, let’s vote.
This feature like modules will benefit architecture concerns vary greatly. But for developer it could be a lot of pain, so the good thing is done safely still iaccessible. So we can do stuff on the covers.
Out of those two people think is in developer and who is an architect.
Find out you can benefit from the other improvements that are in China and then you want to fix the easiest things that you can potentially fix concerning the module system currently it is not enforced it to the very strictest level. By default but you can turn it on if you want to if you wanted to work fixing those errors but you can fix the warnings and then you wait for some time preferably somewhere until April 2018 first you will have any. Major release of Java and second probably their system will catch up and you can migrate to modules bottoms up starting from the libraries, you can also migrate the other way around but it’s much harder. So when you think about the modules keep this picture in mind.
Several thousand files big, then you would perhaps have a problem, you would have a problem with the bill systems you will have a problem with ecosystem where some libraries don’t actually migrate werkbund supported or maintaining each other and all. That can cause you trouble. So when you weren’t getting excited about the modules you have to know that there was a migration pass. So before the migration path was a little bit unclear up to the very last moment of the really switch online currently we think that this is the idea how to migrate further. What do you want to do you don’t want to have pretty development environment immediately starts portugal rising everything you want to do you want to unreleased you cannot have read your production environment out of the blue because that’s? Just unwind. So we want to unbreak your staging environment or something where you can.
And so Michael Sauce really nice problem of the open geki and enforcing the rules and then reveals the opportunity better. But what does it cost because her single on the language levels that are this is like five new keywords and you model info file and a lot of pain with actually migrating old projects to the John 9 if you work in? The Greenfield projects you start from scratch. This is amazing and you would love it if you actually have an application that is several gigabytes.
Some of us didn’t choose that.
Excellent your good people.
That’s pretty amazing modules or excellent as someone said, we have a smaller footprint. We have class release cadence which has nothing to do with modules. But the features we can get it the sooner. So before we go forward we need to assess every feature love just fight with it gives us or what other people say that gives us, but what it actually doesn’t solve the problem for us and we have to remember that. Modules built in the Jay Dickey as lead our were designed to solve the problems were the Jay Dickey developers it wasn’t it wasn’t implanted device emotional or system to gild consumer applications from scratch. We had nothing particular to have joy in our systems. We didn’t choose that most of us didn’t choose that please with giant.
That’s good.
And so actually play with Java with a beta. So I think we should just vote now and again, there’s a bad cop in here as well.
I also will talk a little bit about Http two later, but it wasn’t ready because we needed more community feedback but now we can do speak release a module as an incubator which will allow for that community feedback and I. Later stage we push into the main over Judy Cake. So not only is going to provide us with a much nicer way of developing a code, but he’s also allowed us with all these new freedoms to release Java quicker to have smaller run times.
Into the percent of the new runtime with it. You know, in a single module without having too many dependencies on other modules, we can also use a tool called Jailing which allows us to reduce the size of our run type using jailing we can say this is my application. Provide me with a Java image that will allow you to only use platform modules you need and it will provide you with a 14 mega image rather than this huge image. And that will allow you to run the day, you know the Javy me with your application and it’s much much faster smaller footprint.
For 12 hours to have more traffic ations but be cause of the module system. I’m sure all of you have heard of the new release cadence in Java going forward is going to be every 6 months. So next March are going to have was likely to be called in 18 93 release their next september 11 18 9 release the reason this is possible with cause of the module system by having by having everything’s modules is much much easier to. Make her updates.
Stopping on modules a full week. I don’t want to say the modules hasn’t just been available there.
So that’s modules.
I’ve got from.
Get name. It’s say, let’s realized that I can get the name of the class, which is.
And let’s say let’s say this is from a plus this class.
Provide input. So, I’m going to provide the service and here is our implementation. And what is going to do when I say that and after 9 that’s going to reload in and all of a sudden we’re getting a service backup services just returning underscore what that simple provides measures does is that. The Java runtime is under the covers registering that service with the service load up and then when we actually used that by another month. She’ll actually perform a look up into our service loader were grabbing that service back and just to prove, that is the service I can go into our provider amplify wanted to.
Around dogs API dog my service, I’m going to provide that it’s going to provide that with people dog zero turn around dots provider.
I just got rid of that.
And then we got three loaded, but we still not getting anything back and that’s because no services have been registered at the way to register a service is in my provider class maybe go provide a simple we have our. Provider input which I showed you in our model in Photo Java what we actually need to say is we need to say what we’re going to provide the class org dot zero to.
Element via on coding you get far fewer bugs as amazing as in a way more people don’t do it so we go to the service loader we say the load all services of the interface my service we have to get. In trouble back of my services we go through that. And we just try and call get message on that. So I’m going to hit save on the reload that into my runtime.
Every guys that’s been reloaded live into the environment still not get any service is no one of the reasons for that is but we’re not actually grabbing any services from the service load up. So I’m going to come back in here. I’m going to uncomment this is a great way of this great new style of development is called.
As general loading. I’m now here we have a loop looking for services, but there’s no services there, how do we actually use services or we use it by the service load up service later is actually something which was what 1 6 1 4 something and. It’s been there and the majority system uses the same service load that we can register things with it. And we can grab some grub services from there. So what I do is first of all, I’m going to actually make sure we’re using the service loader. So in our consumer module wanna say here is on the say that we use a specific service. That’s going to be all dark zero turn out round the API dot my service to now saying that we’re going to be using that service Oregon. It’s safe to rebuild my application.
I will apply dribble does is provide input implements my service and implements they get message did it go. So we have a provider which implements the service we have a consumer which will soon grab that service. That’s pretty much. So I’m going to run this so much in already using general. So we will get a code and updated as we go.
Next thing is the provider import.
I can see my just has a main method it got it spins round a loop calling cool services call service is just as a system print out a of a counter looking to services that counted incremented we sleep for A.. Second and then we print out nothing. It’s also it does pretty much nothing yet. But there’s a little spoiler for you in the middle which we won’t talk about just yet.
Sorry. I can see my head has a single class called consumer. Wow. That’s not really a smoke break it is a.
Our consumer was a consumer here.
Right. I *** I is very simple. It’s got my service and it just has a single method called get message and our modular photo Java we just export that package. So this is a module containing code that is been exposed to the rest of the module system.
That actually goes to the provider via an API. Now I apply for just quickly have a look at that.
Some of this up. So intelligent right now I have three modules three Jane. Modules, I have also zero turn on the 80 i start with consumers are consumer.
Coffee people cash also up, so you have a demo just with services something to ever too intelligent.
You probably already seen how to help job don’t send not set up.
Just so *** it Josh.
As a result the unsafe. I see I which many of you heard of mostly property frameworks and libraries the unsafe API is going to be in from you it was an API which was which was meant to be an internal API as i said. Before there is no enforcement previously. So people were using it and actually for good reason because it’s great stuff in there, and it’s made our ecosystem richer.
Wow, that is painful does not.
So much we can use what the module depends on what it requires, that’s that created module graph. So if a client applications running the class part is still running on a modular Javy Am, but if you choose to use the module partner application then both you old platform and your application will be running in a modular way. But you don’t necessarily need to do both.
Platform will always enforce tea. We can’t compile again, something if I’m module structure to determines that we don’t actually depend on that module. Likewise. Now runtime we can’t start our runtime unless all the modules are present for the application to run. So very keep both incomm population. I’m during runtime the module structure must be satisfied rust converter fully compile awfully run as very important. But this is the first time with hard enforcement now. Yes, we had the module path we still have the class pala. So if you wanted store use the class while you can, well though under the covers everything is still modular in the platform. So you can’t use things that are hidden from you. So what’s in front you, well in modules, you have a calculation what the module exports is what I.
And the reason is up till now we haven’t had any enforcement in our runtime now whether we’re compiling or whether we actually burning in the wrong time.
Okay. We deal with much about it, you already when we just don’t think we drop boxes we write words in the box is in control arrows between them we design in a modular way. So when we write code we write it very flat again. We don’t actually put like push that into a modularity.
Build up this dependency tree.
Quar certain module. Let’s say we have a scripting that module will in turn depend on basic depending on which modules, you require.
At the bottom here we have been the job base classes. This is the fundamental class which every application and everything must use it contains things like collections everything that you need to use if you want to any kind of job application. We also have some compact profiles there which you may recognize from other things the lines are dependencies. So if you require a specific a bundle as white module. And when I was joined persons, well, so this is hearts.
You’ll notice.
We don’t cool. But why do we have to have it because we have to support really old upset need Corba, okay. But even if we don’t want to use call, but we have to still have it as possible, so what we do is we marginalize the platform into modules that we can choose whether we want to have in our own. Time or not and depending on what I like Asian needs from it’s from his platform we can bundle up a new runtime which only provides that. So we’re creating a runtime based on the needs of our application rather than having this one size fits all Jovem, and it is a big size fits all de Vienne for any application that wants to run on that job. Platform.
No weeping.
Elephant in the room big elephant in the room much after why do we need modularity. Well, we have much loud in a couple of different ways. We have platform agile our team we have application which are we really need that for much larger because the way the, the platform is gone over many many years requiring backwards compatibility, it’s turned into really the elephant in. Room, right. It’s a huge beast that we need to support horrible things like all of a school bus.
Right? So let’s start.
Okay, good.
We might have a guest or somewhere welcome poll quiz not excited about John night than this kind of disappointed with this release.
If you do that is studia that would never have never?
I’m just taking all I like really that’s probably what I’ll say sorry start before we start, let’s not get into this debate. So fast who’s excited? So German 9 was cooking for a long time and then it was released and people some people are excited about that some people are not that excited about that. So let’s vote in the beginning of the session before we heard all our arguments whether it’s good about it who is excited by John 9.
The way it works is if I’m good call barring bad cop you always vote for whatever I say is I like to win.
So I also work with the London Jug and the virtual jug, and I work in develop relations as well. So I work as a developer advocate for a zero turn around, but let’s get started suck Java 9 the debate the way this is going to work is going to play good cop bad cop we’re going to take a. Number of the major job annoyance of the minor Java 9 updates and one of us going to play a good got one of us is going to bed back up. So the good cop will look at some of the party of parts of that feature the bad cop will look at some of the parts of the feature went on, so good and when you as the jury have heard. Both the pros and cons you will vote as to whether you like that feature in Java 9 or not or whether it’s something enough for you to migrate apps.
And I’m also a leader off a jig grouping party in a sauna, which is a very small town but there are probably wrong.
I’m a co-leader with Simon of Virtual Drucker, which is the Java online only Java user group. So if you’re late enough to join your local Java user group. We will welcome you will be happy to have you.
Couple of things that I do I maintain the or block older blacks where we publish technical content. So if you can check it out it will make me personally very happy.
Yes. This is me. My name is Alex. Life, I come from astoria, I work for complete cold zero turn around as a developer advocate.
Okay. Hello. Everyone and thank you very much for coming to our session we appreciate this whole bunch of really good session. So I. Thank you for joining our one. My name is Simon. Mabel’s my colleague election, I’ve hello. IRA, and this is a session on good cop bad cop guides Java 9 so who’s heard of job and 9 so far and java one most people i would expect out on a wednesday. So we’re going to a slightly subtly different orry Outlook on this session started to be a regular session we’re going to be a good cop and about cops. So that’s possible introduce ourselves.
What a horrible movie star concentration sorry. Sorry. You had to hear that.
Or we mixed back.
This sound louder. It does not like that. That’s the proper way to do it.
1 2 1 2 excellent can you make me louder than him. Please.
1 2 1 2.
Microsoft, yeah.
Hello 1 2 3 1 2 3.
1 2 1 2.
That’s 45 minutes. I don’t think, I think that stuff.

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