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GlassFish v2 update Release 2

GlassFish v2 update 2がリリースされたようです。

GlassFIsh v2 update release 2

Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 update2


• [6597868] When add/removing “additional properties” for a JDBC pool, I have to restart glassfish

• [6611251] Restore Virtual Server’s Root Context Behavior from GlassFish v1

• [6618420] Make Application server DAS able to communicate to remote node-agents and instance thru firewall

• [6647594] HTTP Status error messages should not be Localized

• [6655568] Generated granted.policy file gets truncated when you redeploy the application

• [6660443] Web Container not honoring the application to virtual server mappings for ServletContextListener

• [6670460] Upgrading a MQ resource adapter failed : zipFile (/usr/share/lib/imq/imqjmsra.rar) doesn’t exist

• [6672732] DAS GUI can get confused, and report an error that a property does not exist

• [6689309] Admin GUI monitoring display refresh button no use

• [6698604] Stand-alone instances sometimes obtain files from other instances on syncing to DAS at startup

• [6702146] App server hangs when trying to stop domain due to JMX related issues

• [6704722] HttpServletResponse.encodeURL() unconditionally appends jsessionid newly created session

• [6706296] exception during deploy if class-suffix > 1024

• [6707850] WEB0113 error targeting web modules on virtual servers in a cluster not seen on standalone instance

• [6709765] bad response times with HTTPS when acceptor-threads >1 with multi-cpu system

• [6714827] Integrating Metro 1.1.3 in 9.1UR2Patch02

• [6714898] Integrate new JBI with the final ML resource bundle translations

• [6717137] Multiple deploys can corrupt domain.xml

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